Health Wonders Of Spearmint Tea (Mint Leaf)

Health Wonders Of Spearmint Tea (Mint Leaf)

Spearmint leaf tea is an herbal tea brewed from a leaf popularly called mint leaf in most Africa, Asia, South America, North America and Europe.

Its offers a lot of health benefit when prepared as tea(Spearmint tea). spearmint naturally grows in the temperate region.

It can also be extracted from the dried leaves but to achieve best solutions and refreshing test; it is best when used fresh. it has a sweet test which is a bit weaker than peppermint.

History And Composition Of Spearmint Tea

Spearmint from Mentha Spicata is also known as garden mint, lamb mint, and common mint, which is native to Balkan Peninsula and Turkey before being naturalized in most Africa, Asia, South and North America as well as Europe’s.

It has two species called  Mentha Spicata (Most common) and  Mentha Spicata Condensata.

Spearmint was mentioned in the bible (Matthew 23:23, Luke 11:42) and further records shows description of mint in ancient Mythology.

It was introduced into England through the Romans in the 15th century and Turner, who was the “Father Of British Colony” mentioned mint tea as being good for the stomach.

General benefits Of Spearmint Tea

  1. Eliminates Nausea: Due to the anti-inflammatory effect of spearmint tea; it can help your stomach settle down when you are experiencing any sort of stomach upset or nausea.
  2. By calming inflamed tissues and optimizing digestion, it works for gastrointestinal conditions like vomiting, bloating, constipation and eliminate cramping
    1. Treatment Of Nasal Infections And Sore Throat

    Steam from mint leafs when brewed in boiled water is effective in the treatment of various nasal complications, also used to clear the nasal breathing passage.

    Due to its success in the treatment of bacterial infection, Spearmint is being added to many cough syrups consumed by children and aged because it kills mouth germs.

  3. Reduces Hirsutism: Hirsutism is the growth of excess hair in unwanted places on a woman’s body which is caused by an unusual level of a male hormone called “androgens”.Spearmint tea in a controlled study was able to reduce this male hormones and regulate the rest of the body hormones thereby reducing the symptoms in a two week study. 
  4. Boosts  immune system: An impressive findings of spearmint was its powerful antibacterial capacity. Because of this people have turn to the  sweet energizing tea for an immune system boost.
  5. Improves Memory: It has been proved that the limonene found in this tea is known to counter the negative effect of free radicals and increase neurotransmitter activity, to the point of improving memory concentration and focus. A single glass of spearmint tea can help you clear your mind and tackle the cognitive tasks at hand.
  6. Prevent Fungal Infections: In many part of the world, fungal infections and industry parasites are quite common and the use of spearmint tea is an effective and simple way to clear out and make an inhospitable environment for these unwanted agents to take hold. This is a long treatment plan used in traditional medicine due to its anti-fungal.
  7. Reduces  Inflammation: Spearmint is well-known for its anti-inflammatory nature and it usually used to eliminate headaches and other pains throughout the body, particularly the joints.     
  8. Prevent Cancer: Antimutagenic activity of spearmint, found that spearmint infusion is helpful in inhibiting Carcinogenesis. This research was carried out by Dr. Roderick Dashwood from Texas, A & M College of Medicine

Potential Side Effect of Drinking Spearmint Tea

Pregnant women are advised to consume it in moderation because excessive amount my damage the uterus. Breastfeeding women should stay on the safe side and minimize consumption.

Refreshing Spearmint Tea Recipe



Spearmint Leave

spearmint tea


Honey for menstruation problem


  • Bring 2 cups of clean water to boil.
  • Remove the boiling water from the heat and add 15 fresh spearmint leaves.
  • Allow to stay for about 10 minutes.
  • Add honey to suit your taste (Optional).
  • Add lemon slices if desired (Optional).
  • Serve the tea, if tea is preferred cold, add ice cubes.

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